WARNING - E/Mails are being sent using alphacouriers.com or .co.uk email address and variations of the company name, and also illegally using the Alpha couriers company logo.
Alpha Couriers does not send unsolicited email (spam) of any kind and has no one else working for him - very small company! .
Alpha Couriers never asks anyone to send money for waiting packages to be released and has no connection with DHL or anyone else and has no other offices - just Anthony.
Alpha Couriers in Guildford has no connection at all with any bogus lottery schemes and does NOT hold winning prizes or have cheques for anybody!
Very few emails are actually sent at all as telephone contact is prefered. Please delete these bad emails.
Please be aware of these internet scams and please show caution and make sure you have adequate virus protection and definitely don't send any money to anyones scam claiming to have connections with Alpha Couriers in Guildford.

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