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London's Congestion Charge Zone*       (my experience)
Charge zone area
Charge zone area - (click for bigger map)

Congestion Operating Hours: 7am - 6.00pm Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays.
The charge is a rip off  5   8  10  11.50  if you pay after midnight on the following charging day they will issue a penalty fine notice for 130!

Best visit the Official website here - as information keeps changing

Also watch out for-

bus/goods vehicle lanes that wrongly send out penalty notices because they can't tell the differance between goods vehicles and cars! (15/7/05)

Update to below (16/10/04)

Registered for pay by sms, much better system!

My Experience on 20th February 2003!

I tried to pay by phone and waited/waisted 10 mins - and still had no success!!!!!!
Tried to register on website - message says (after filling in name and address) BUSY!! Could not register!!!!!!!
It took me longer to pay then the actual time i was in the chargeable zone!!!!!!!
Traffic was little mind you but it was before 8am!

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* whatever next! Ah... yes , there is the newer (2012) low emission zone now... now I can't even go in to areas spreading out as far as Heathrow, Croydon, Kingston etc unless I pay 100 (which I'm sure they will use to clean the air that my polluting van leaves behind) So it's a low emission zone but I can go in and polute if I pay!??

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