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Some things that irritate and annoy me whilst trying to earn a living (Driving Annoyances)!

Not indicating at roundabouts and junctions

People in-front deciding to brake first THEN deciding to indicate in the last minute that they're turning off

Someone attempting to overtake me but still hanging/driving right next to me and not totally overtaking me

Overtaking someone who is driving at a certain fixed speed THEN they decide to speed up

People driving too close to my rear bumper - then no where to go when blues and twos come along

People overtaking me then turning off almost immediately after - especially from traffic lights, blasting off then 10 seconds later holding everyone up because of traffic opposite

Car awaiting to pull out at side road and as I approach and get nearer they decide to move/creep forward or pull out then - why? am I invisible in my big white van???

People overtaking me then going at a slower speed than I was driving at

Inconsiderate car in front leaving foot on brake pedal at night and blinding me at traffic lights - even moreso now days with these multi bright leds

When coming from opposite direction not using indicator whilst overtaking bicycles or parked vehicles - "are you in control or out of control?" scary!

Vehicles coming from opposite direction not staying on there side of the white line forcing me to the gutter or clash mirrors - especially on bends

Cars insisting on overtaking then slowing right down at first bend in the road

Pulling out in front of me making me brake, especially going uphill or carrying a load - most vans are carrying YOUR goods!

Using mobile phones whilst trying to drive

Not moving over to left hand lane, hogging middle lane

Vehicles not letting others out of/turn at junctions when waiting vehicles could then get on with there journey - especially when (ignorant) vehicle is turning off anyway and could easilly have done so!

People that constantly changing lanes thinking there getting somewhere faster

Just a reminder -
Covering 15 miles at 70mph (average) takes nearly 13 minutes.
Covering 15 miles at 60mph (average) takes 15 minutes.

Just had to let the world know to get it off my chest - Anthony!

If you got any more driving annoyances let me know through the "contact" page and i'll put them up with your name/web link example -
Blah di blah di blah di blah blah - Dave, Glastonbury
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