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24 Hour UK & Europe Express Deliveries Courier Service

The History of Alpha Couriers

Alpha Couriers in Guildford is a one man company - Anthony Drapos aged 51 (what already?!) That's me! I started my driving/delivering career as a despatch rider aged 17 on a motorcyclemotorbikethis was for 7 years! Travelling to all parts of the UK - taking urgent, important documents to prestigious places and quite often pace makers to hospital beds as well - rain or shine!

During an unfortunate loss of my driving license (speed limit? what's that? well I was only a nipper!)wink winkI worked as a post man for 6 months - again 2 wheel delivering - but at a more sedate speed!

Regaining my license (hooray!) a purchase of a 3 wheeled Robin Reliant(?!) was (at the time) luxury! But this did not impress my boss at the courier firm (or liked cornering) so after this I decided a (4 wheel) van was more healthy for my driving license and safer for my body!

But first I had to pass the car driving test! My first mini van was too small so I started saving my pennies (more cold & wet miles on the bike) for a Ford escort van. What a luxurycloud9warmth, music and wages!

Another escort van later and after driving for a printing firm for 18 months (in their van) I decided to gain experience in small trucksmall lorrydriving through an agency - much learned!

With all my attained experience I decided that customers needed a reliable, honest, punctual, caring and cost effective type of delivery system - and here I set out on my own with a handful of like - minded friends (to help out with any overload of work) to do just that.

In 1997 I purchased my first of two Mercedes Sprinter vans and never regretted it - only the traffic jams and roadworks! Well actually now the low emmission zone around London which I can't enter nowadays (but London air is still NO cleaner I hear on the radio, thanks Gov!) until you help me get a new van!

So after reading this brief history of who, why and how I hope you feel you can put me to the test with your deliveries. You will not be disapointed! Enjoy my (homemade) website since Feb.2001

Thank you - Anthony

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